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  DiResta-Richman’s development services team delivers an unparalleled diversity of in-house services. Backed by years of experience and expertise coupled with construction, legal and management capabilities, DiResta-Richman’s Development Team is truly a full-service real estate resource.

DiResta-Richman Group is able to provide:
Strategic site selection and analysis
Comprehensive development strategies founded in an ‘Owner’s Perspective’
Established resources and contacts within the development community that can expedite the development process and municipal approvals
Proactive site planning that can lead to reduced costs
Respected and responsible experts with a wide network of contacts
Responsive and professional financial analysis tailored to the clients' specific real estate objectives
The ability to partner in projects as a Joint Venture relationship.
  DiResta-Richman is committed to providing expert, professional real estate advice to our clients. By drawing on the wealth of in-house talent and experience, DiResta-Richman's Development Group is able to meet our clients' most challenging projects.
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