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DiResta-Richman’s professional services may be utilized during any and all phases of construction

DiResta-Richman’s services typically begin in the strategic planning phase of a construction project and extend through the turnover of the completed facility to the Owner.
Owner Representation / Program Management / Risk Management

Time is money; lost time equates to lost profits; both increase an Owners risk on a project. DiResta-Richman’s Owner Representation/ Program Management/ Risk Management services avoid common pitfalls in the construction process because we assist our clients in developing a scope of work and progress schedules that are claim preventative and are structured to achieve the Owners objective in maintaining control of their project.
Project Administration

After a project begins, the foremost cause of why it goes off track is due to insufficient project coordination. In order to protect the Owners investment, DiResta-Richman's Project Administration allows for a project to run seamlessly, thereby allowing the Owner to focus on their business at hand, knowing their construction project is being efficiently administered.
Claims Management and Resolution

Disputes and claims deprive an Owner the ability to economically and timely complete their project. If a dispute arises, you, the Owner, need accurate and reliable knowledge of your position. DiResta-Richman’s Claims Management and Resolution assists our clients in management and negotiation of disputes due to our strong practical and legal background.
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