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       Nigerian Mission to the United Nations
This 27 story mixed use building located next to the United Nations was commissioned by the Nigerian Government.  The building includes two levels of parking below grade.
       Kuwait Mission to the United Nations
Located in New York City, this building was commissioned by the Kuwait Government.  The ornate structure includes impressive diplomatic offices, conference rooms, residence apartments and entertainment areas.  
       885 Third Avenue
Commonly referred to as the “Lipstick Building”, this elliptical shaped design is a multi use commercial office building which houses many of Manhattan’s prestigious tenants.
       CBS Broadcast Center
This state of the art broadcast center was built for CBS to house its studios and production facilities.  The building is home to many of the Networks productions and daily newscasts.
       Stamford Square
Located in Stamford, Connecticut, this pre-stressed concrete structure has a panelized stone veneer exterior and is occupied by General Electric Credit and other commercial tenants.
       Metallurg Building
One of Manhattan’s more unique buildings, the Metallurg Building is located off Park Avenue and is situated on a narrow site utilizing all available area in order to maximize usable space for the Owner.
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