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       Beth Israel Medical Center    
A multi-phased project, Beth Israel Medical Center consists of a renovated Emergency Room Facility, amphitheatre, radiation treatment area, operating rooms and inpatient recovery rooms.
       Sadick Research Group    
This state of the art medical office and research facility located on Park Avenue contains modern surgical operating rooms.  The space is maximized to its fullest, giving flexibility and discretion for the doctors and their patients.
        Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
A long term master plan project in multiple locations includes Chemotherapy, Radiation, and Oncology treatment areas, Operating Rooms and Animal and Research laboratories in addition to administrative, doctor and patient rooms.
      Cornell Medical Center New York Hospital
This medical complex includes research laboratories, classrooms, patient treatment rooms, doctor examination areas, administrative offices, accounting department and computer facilities
       Columbia Presbyterian
Pharmacy center and renovation for patient care facilities.
       Mt. Sinai Medical Center
Projects included a multi-floor renovation for inpatient rooms, acute care areas, animal research facilities and laboratories.    
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