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   »   Posman Books at Chelsea Market
Posman Books is an independently owned bookstore in New York City; it opened in 2011 located in Manhattans meatpacking district. At this location, the bookshop houses a wide variety of books with an inventory catering to cooking and kids. The ambiance and design of this store creates a true New York experience.
   »   Posman Books at Rockefeller Center
The Rockefeller Center location is the third bookstore for this retailer that opened in 2012. The boutique bookstore is located below the street level, right near the skating rink. The location caters to tourists and near by offices, which makes it a vibrant attraction. Its signature green walls and unique bamboo floors are accentuated with vibrant lighting and a welcoming layout.
  »    Page Field Fort Myers Florida
This 45,000 square foot freestanding shopping center was built out of precast concrete tilt up wall panels with in 3 months.
  »    Milk Street Café
Is the largest kosher kitchen in Manhattan at 40 Wall Street, which opened in 2011. It houses a retail eatery and state of the art catering facilities.
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